Are You Daydreaming Your Life Away?

Before I tell you about myself, perhaps I should tell you who I am not.  I am not Dr. Schupak or any other doctor or mental health care professional.  I am not our "poster child" Cordellia Amethyste Rose; her website is here.  There is NO organization or group of people behind this site. There is only myself: a middle-aged Maladaptive Daydreamer. I set up this site by myself as a way to reach out to others who also suffer from the problems associated with excessive daydreaming.

I am a woman now in my fifties. I've had this problem since I was five. You can do the math; that's over 45 years of daydreaming. I never got married, never had kids. Even though I am an intellegent person, I never went to college, never had a career. I have basically lived an empty shell of a life instead of a real one. I have literally daydreamed half my life away.  I also have had significant problems with OCD, severe depression, and anxiety for most of my adult life.  Admittedly, my situation is more severe than most.  At least I've been able to hold down a job for most of my life, and also buy a house.

When I was a teenager and young adult, there was no internet, no easy way for people who have this daydreaming problem to compare symptoms and realize others like us exist. It is only in the last few years, after I came across the original articles by Dr. Schupak and Dr. Somer, and began to read through some of the forums that exist for this problem that I have finally truly began to deal with the issue of excessive daydreaming in my life.

If I had somehow been able to come across the information in this website when I was younger, I truly believe that my life could have been MUCH different, much better. This is why I have created this site, to reach out to others  who have this problem with all the information and knowledge that I could gather.

My mind tends to constantly weave daydreams as I go through my day.  At this point, I just strive to stay busy and productive in my real world, and just work around the daydreaming as best as I can. Even if I find myself daydreaming as I clean my house, this is certainly preferable to just pacing around my house lost in a daydream.  At least I am doing things in my real life that need to get done. I focus on the world as well as I can, set goals for things that I have to do in the real world, and I also use several of the suggestions  that I have posted on this site.

I will add more to this at a later time.